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Beach Center Weekend+

  • Coach at 14 hours of training sessions
  • 4 nights Hotel 1 min from Beach Center
  • All Inclusive *ec. drinks
  • After Beach
  • 4 Breakfast buffé (Kviberg Park Hotel)
  • 4 Lunch Buffé (Beach Center)
  • 4 Dinner buffé (Beach Center)
  • After Beach - Beach Bar
  • Thursday arrival - Monday departure

4140 SEK


Beach Center Weekend

  • Coach at 8 hours of Beachvolley training sessions
  • 2 nights Hotell 1 min from Beach Center
  • All Inclusive *ec. drinks
  • After Beach
  • 2 Breakfast buffé (Kviberg Park Hotel)
  • 2 Lunch Buffé (Beach Center)
  • 2 Dinner buffé (Beach Center)
  • Friday arrival - Sunday departure



We offer you the opportunity to visit Gothenburg and the world’s largest indoor beach volleyball facility, Beach Center. With 16 indoor courts, 6 outdoor courts, restaurant, gym, conference and an awesome beach bar next to the courts, we promise you an experience beyond the ordinary. Next door to the Beach Center is Prioritet Serneke Arena which is Scandinavia’s biggest multi-sports venue with 10,000 sqm indoor skiing. During the weekend you stay comfortably at Kviberg Park Hotel & Conference is located inside the multi-sport arena. Join us now!

Half week