Ina Hüttenberger


När började du spela beachvolley?
When I was 25, before that i played some indoor volleyball as well.

Meriter som spelare
SBT, Nevza in Norway and Sweden, Challenger, SM, SnowvolleySM and many many tourneys in all categories. (Eventhough I think it doesn’t matter how good you are as a player – you need to be a good coach.)

Meriter som tränare
Coach for all kinds of groups since HT2014, from beginner to higher level over seriespel to kidsvolley. U name it, I coached it.

Vad man kan förvänta sig av att ha dig som tränare?
A lot of feedback, high tempo and full focus on the training. A lot of pepp, fun and joy. Every training has a thought behind it and a progression.

Vad är du extra bra på att lära ut?
I give 100%, despite what moment we focus on in the training. So I can’t really tell.

Tider du kan vara tränare?
Whenever. I am flexible. Morning, daytime, evening.

Svenska, Engelska och Tyska.

Vill du tillägga något?
My goal as a coach is it to get the best out of what you want from the training. I have trained in many different countries: Sweden, Brazil, USA, Italy, Netherlands and I try to combine the best parts of different training-forms: High tempo, a lot of ball-touch and still a lot of feedback and focus on details.

I myself train best when I am enjoying the training. Therefore I need a trainer that is pushing me to my best every single time and still keeps up a good and positive atmosphere, and that’s what i will do in my trainings.

I’ve got a lot of experience in teaching and helping people to improve. I have I trained a lot and of course still am. 

It doesn’t matter on which level you are as a player, how old you are, how many you are: as long as you are motivated I will give you an awesome training!

Vi ses i sanden 🙂