Josias Junior

1990, Brazil

How long have you been training beach volleyball?
I play beach volleyball for 20 years, I coach beach volleyball for 8 years

What are your merits as a player?
National champion sub 19 national champion sub 21, national team in 2010, I played the professional circuit of brazil for 7 years.

What are your merits as a coach?
I am currently the coach of a team that plays in the top 12 of the Brazilian circuit! I was one of the trainers at a big training center in Brazil ”Cangaco”

What can we expect from you as a coach?
I offer physical and dynamic training with a lot of volume

What are your strengths as a coach?
I’m an intelligent coach that makes the athlete think about the game

Anything you want to add?
If you just want to play don’t hire me as a coach