Klaus Araújo

1988. Brazil

How long have you been coaching beachvolleyball?
Coaching since 2010. In 2012 started my own training center, Vôlei Vida.

What’s your merits as a player?
– first place u19 national championship
– second place u21 national tour
– Played professionally on Brazilian tour (Banco do Brasil)
– third place on SM in Sweden

What are your merits as a coach?
– first place men’s u17 national championship
– second place women’s u17 national championship
– third place women’s u19 national tour
– currently second place women’s u19 national tour
– responsible of the biggest tournament for beginners in Brazil, called sideout series.

What can we expect of you as a coach?
– challenging sessions with high frequency and intensity.

What are your strengths as a coach?
– building dynamic drills to make the athletes good at problem solving and good technically.


Whatsapp: +5583996060223